For Workplaces

Western Australians are sitting down for long periods of time, consuming more energy than they are burning off, and moving less.

Do you want to increase workplace morale, boost productivity and invest in the future of your employees? The My Healthy Balance program is the perfect way to do just that – at no cost to the business or the employees.

The average working adult spends at least one third of their day at work and, as such, the workplace is becoming an increasingly important place when it comes to develop healthy behaviours. Beyond that, research shows that employee health is integral to staff productivity and happiness at work.

If you are responsible for the implementation of wellness programs in your workplace, sign up to My Healthy Workplace and spread the word among your team. You can call (08) 9325 7699 to speak with a My Healthy Balance team member and organise a demonstration for your workplace.

By registering you will:

  • Be provided with tools to help you promote the My Healthy Balance program in your workplace.
  • Be provided with data and statistics relating to overall participation and progress.
  • Have access to a range of credible healthy lifestyle resources and information.
  • Give your workplace access to an enjoyable evidence-based health and wellness program.
  • Be supported by the My Healthy Balance team to maximise the impact of the program in your workplace.

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