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Western Australians are sitting down for long periods of time, consuming more energy than they are burning off, and moving less.

In 2011-12, approximately 60% of Australian adults were overweight or obese1  

A figure which is set to rise if current trends continue. This phenomenon leaves people at a higher risk of developing chronic conditions, such as diabetes which can negatively impact on their quality of life. Even people who are of a healthy weight now are at risk of becoming overweight and obese in the future due to changing lifestyle patterns and environmental constraints.

Much of this comes from a lack of exercise, and poor choices relating to food and nutrition. Poor food choices are often the product of ill-informed decision making influenced by snazzy advertising and a market so saturated in choice that it can be hard to know which products are the best option.

The My Healthy Balance program aims to cut through this. We exist to help you navigate the increasingly complex food and nutrition landscape, while also meeting your body’s exercise requirements. All of our information comes from qualified, accredited health experts and is presented in a fun, interactive and supportive format.

We believe that credible, practical information about health, nutrition and exercise should be available to all Western Australians – not just those who can afford to pay for a program.

So if you’re ready to embark on a supportive, practical program to guide you along the path to a healthier life, sign up today.

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1Data taken from the Australian Bureau of Statistics