How it Works

How it works

A healthy lifestyle program available to all, for free

  1. Create your account

    It's quick and easy, just a few questions and you're on your way.

    You can sign up using your email, Facebook or Google+ account.

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  2. Build your health profile

    How much exercise do you really need to do? Do you know if you're meeting the recommended guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake? Do you know if you're at risk of diabetes?

    Discover all this and more by building your health profile.

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  3. Set your goal and achieve it with an action plan

    You're more likely to achieve a goal if you follow a solid action plan. We'll guide you through setting up a goal and creating an action plan.

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  4. Choose your level of support

    Opt in to motivational emails and text messages, or get community support via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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  5. Learn from the experts

    Work your way through a series of fun, interactive and supportive modules at your own pace.

    Modules cover topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, healthy weight maintenance, and other topics relevant to living a happy, healthy life.

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Stretching by the foreshore

Understand your health

Build your health profile to discover your risks.

Western Australians are sitting down for long periods of time, consuming more energy than they are burning off, and moving less.

This phenomenon leaves people at a higher risk of developing chronic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, which can negatively impact on their quality of life. Even people who are currently at a healthy weight can be at risk of becoming overweight and obese in the future due to changing lifestyle patterns and environmental constraints.

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Information you can count on - in a fun interactive format

Learn about health, nutrition and exercise.

Complete the program by working your way through a series of at least 10 modules about healthy eating, physical activity and healthy weight maintenance.

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